Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Out Now: COMBAT DUBS [Intrauterin Recordings 006]

Yes, it's been quite a while since the last Intrauterin Recordings release but the label never ceased operations officially and now we're back with a new one! Watch out for sales and distribution onfo to come.

"Combat Dubs - Dub Murderation" - a statement that is well suitable for the next release on Hamburg's most underground vinyl imprint Intrauterin Recordings which already has been on the scene since 1999.

Led by a vocal sample of the labels mastermind baze.djunkiii this limited to 120 copies 7" whitelabel single does not only provide a unique and creative take on bass music - especially Grime, Dubstep and Breaks as well as some echoes of early Jungle / Breakbeats - but also proves how long term relationships in the music industry finally fall into place to create musical results as the COMBAT DUBS project is formed in between Intrauterin Recordings-founder baze.djunkiii and the multi-active producer Sascha Müller who's also been responsible for the labels' 005 way back in 2005.

After nearly two decades of friendship baze.djunkiii and Sascha Müller finally joined the studio together for the first time in early 2018 for a session with only the name COMBAT DUBS in mind and a rough plan to dig deep into the realms of bass music for their very first collaborational effort. Fueled by this idea they churned out two tunes within less than eight hours from scratch, two variations on one main theme with one gravitating more towards the raw, unprocessed aesthetics of the early Grime scene whereas the second cut goes a little deeper, providing a smooth crossover between Dubstep and Breaks whilst an all embracing bass line and trancey strings are perfect tools to provide an ultimate lift off for late night crowds.


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