Saturday, September 08, 2018

MMO-Ensemble - Any Day Now [Øra Fonogram]

Released on June 1st, 2k18 and incoming only recently via the Norwegian imprint Øra Fonogram is "Any Day Now", the new album by the MMO-Ensemble, founded and led by saxophonist Martin Myhre Olsen to express and manifest his vision of what the press release depicts as 'large improvising ensemble'. With a total ensemble size of twelve musicians we see the group starting on a quite intense level with the opener "Any Day Now Part I" which is meandering in between echoes of Psychedelic Rock, Spoken Word and hard boppin', Bossa-infused FreeJazz to pave the way for things to come like "Why?", a conversation between obvious mystique and mystery and innocent, yet dramatic broadway outing with brings forth highly score-bound qualities whereas "Take Me (Tøyen Blues)" provides a playful, well-grooving take on (Free)Jazz spread out over a stretch of 14 minutes as the albums longest piece before drifting off into deeper, more romantic and partly even BarJazz-infused territories for a while without getting rid of the overall improvisional approach and "Lonely Place?" explores eerie, intense territories of climaxing tension and Noir-quality in combination with a dramatic vocal performance. A few recommended picks to check out from a well-diverse and interesting album that's defo one to be called a highlight for all Contemporary Jazz enthusiasts out there for a reason.


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