Sunday, September 09, 2018

Lars Graugaard / Grup Instrumental De Valencia / Joan Cervero - Engage And Share [Kairos Promo]

Released via the Kairos-imprint in September 2k18 is "Engage And Share", the newest collaborational effort created by Danish composer Lars Graugaard in conjunction with Joan Cervero and the Grup Instrumental De Valencia. Recorded over the course of three days in June 2k17 the three tracks making up this longplay piece are moving away from his Max/MSP composing technique but see his work being transferred into the world through real instruments, starting out with the albums title track which is a noir'esque, tense and intense piece of spine-tingling quality which we totally could see providing for an additional layer in a vintage, coarse-grained black-and-white film from the past. With "Slonk" things are getting way more action-laden and dramatic with loads of multilayered brass and short string outbursts alongside a detailed, buzzing background seemingly provided by piano, xylophone and / or glockenspiel whereas the concluding "Blind Lemon" brings forth a panoramic (neo)classical interplay between calm, enchanting relaxation and wild, dramatic sequences for all score-lovers and -collectors out there. If you are a part of this group "Engage And Share" will cater to your needs and provide a worthwhile addition to your collection for sure.


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