Sunday, September 02, 2018

The Green Kingdom - Seen And Unseen [Sound In Silence 052]

Coming in from Greece as a hand-numbered edition of 200 copies is "Seen And Unseen", the very first album produced by Michigan's Michael Cottone a.k.a. The Green Kingdom for the Greek Ambient staple Sound In Silence. After releasing on imprints like Dronarivm, Lost Tribe Sound, Flaming Pines and others under The Green Kingdom as well as using the name Dustcraft for more DubTechno related productions we see Mr. Cottone provide a selection of seven new cuts, opening with "Kodama" which is a slightly folksy blueprint for carefully crafted Ambient beauty followed by "Illuminations (Dub)", a seven minutes excursion into deep calmness and melancholia accompanied by solemn acoustic guitar sprinkles whereas the "Woolen Sky" provides a distinct melodic waveform movement and - once again - The Green Kingdom's trademark guitar textures. With "Cloud Wanderings" we see Michael Cottone perfectly emulating the slow movement of big cotton fluff over a bright blue summer sky, "Dorado" weighs in more soft melodic padding and a distinct hovering synth line for ultimate relaxation whereas the "Breathing Sea" can be described as a kind of respiratory, solemn and partly even Balearic-influenced take on the genre before the "Sleeping Forest" waves goodbye in a friendly, organic and all embracing manner, amalgamating a sweet array of pads and slightly kitsch-heavy strings with levitating as well as intense pianos and manipulated guitars for lovers. Music for a rainy sunday afternoon - possibly in late fall.


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