Thursday, November 08, 2018

Alpines - Full Bloom [Alpines Music / The Orchard]

To be released via Alpines Music / The Orchard on November 16th, 2k18 is "Full Bloom", the sophomore album outing produced by the British band outfit known as Alpines after their 2014-debut "Oasis". With their massive tune "Out Of View" already being featured on these pages in September expectations are high for the rest of the album which opens with the title track "Full Bloom" which  fuses a decent 4/4 club beat with a distinct late 80s / early 90s Soul attitude whilst "Alright" brings on a deep, dramatic piano line, slow, dubbed out Downbeats and ethereal vocals for a hell of a Pop song that should be aired on daytime radio each and every hour for now and forever whereas "Heavy Metal" is a lovely, highly emotional Future Soul slow jam with beats heavily influenced by the UK Urban scene whilst bringing on a single electric guitar sequence paying homage to the tunes title and "Human" comes across as a large scale, Piano-led power ballad for intimitate hours albeit being built on a muscular, seemingly live recorded drum foundation. With "Too Young" we see Alpines going back big time to classic early 90s Soul, "Ghosts" employs a large scale Future Soul attitude slightly influenced by blurred Future Soul / Post Garage whilst bringing forth panoramic chords and strings for maximum dancefloor impact,"Be Yours" is the over the top, kitsch-dripping love song that somehow is to be found on each and every Soul- / Pop-related album ever and "Summer Rain" is a definitive swirling dancefloor killer for advanced Freestyle parties all over the world. With "Eyes Open" we experience another soulful slow-jam excursion harking back to the 90s, "3D" surprisingly puts a proper UK Garage / Future Garage tune to the table that will surely find its way to a lot of DJ cases and therefore dancefloors over the course of the next months and the final cut named "Archangel" closes out on a intimate bedroom vibe for a needed time out with a loved one. Defo a proper addition to each and every record collection, this. Get.


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