Sunday, November 04, 2018

Linus + Økland / Van Heertum / Zach - Mono No Aware [Aspen Edities 001]

Already released back in September, 2k17 and incoming alongside a bunch of other albums put on the circuit via the Belgium-based imprint Aspen Edities is "Mono No Aware", the first collaborational album effort created by the musical quintuple that is Linus + Økland / Van Heertum / Zach. Based on a musical setup including instruments like Hardanger fiddle, euphonium, banjo, guitar and several brass pieces the album opens with "Islander", a tender and fragile musical journey meandering in between (Neo)Classical and melancholia-driven, naturalistic Nordic Folk as an opener whilst the subsequent "Truth" goes a little deeper, fusing intertwined guitar and euphonium progressions with oscillating strings, a calm swell and some remnants of FreeJazz sax before "Stir" takes us back to ancient, often romanticized times and life in untouched woods and landscapes and "Surge" is bringing on intense, klaxon'esque drones and fever'ish multi-layers telling tales of dangers and monstrosities hiding around the corners of the known territories. With "Dewy" we see the group returning to undisturbed naturalistic beauty and innocence whilst employing echoes of panoramic Jazz, "Fairbanks" comes as a surprise with its lively banjo lines and "Snakes And Ladders" brings on the collected aesthetics and strict movements of a formal medieval dance for a reason. Finally we see "Still" gravitating towards an Ambient-like experience of quietness and minimal movements before the concluding "Stray" introduces the first final electronic backings on this album, fusing Ambient-related pads with longing, yet lonesome fiddles and crystalline synth tones. One for the purists, this.


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