Monday, November 05, 2018

baze.djunkiii Charts 11/2018

01. Various Artists - Diggin In The Carts: A Collection Of Pioneering Japanese Video Game Music [Hyperdub]
We've been waiting for this to be released on vinyl for way too long after we've reviewed the promotional CD copy of this amazing compilation album that arrived at our offices in late 2017. Sic.

02. Jubei & Tyrone - The Arcane EP [Metalheadz]
The Metalheadz-camp has always been a source for quality and this doesn't change with this four track EP which once again comes back to the 'long black tunnel' oftentimes cited as a well suitable description for what Drum'n'Bass is and sounds like in the genres early days. Despite employing some uplifting pads and melodic elements every now and then the masterfully shaped foundation of each tune is clean, stepping, stripped down and fueled by deepest subs for heaving floors and Drum'n'Bass purists like us. Excellent. Timeless. Get. Especially for the deadly monsters that are "The Saboteur" and "Hoppers Theme", both to be found on the B-side of this record.

03. Aphex Twin - Collapse EP [Warp Records 423]
Oh well, Aphex Twin. Praised by many for being the ultimate genious and saviour overlord of electronic music that guy named Richard D James is an interesting character for sure but hasn't been able to convince us to purchase any of his music ever since the release of his "Smojphace EP" which has been put out on the circuit back in 2003, a good 15 years ago. But now he's back at the height of his game, bringing forth four variations of Glitch-infused IDM sporting hints of Electro, Phonk as well as Drill'n'Bass / Breakcore whilst never going over the top in terms of the use of decent, friendly, playful, yet touching melodic sequences of alien origin. A future classic for highly advanced dancefloors, this.

04. Commodo - Dyrge E.P. [Black Acre 074]
What a surprise this one is as releases from the Acre- / Black Acre-camp never really resonated with us prior to this one. But the mixture of classic, yet dark'ish TripHop influences, cut-up samples, echoes of Illbient and contemporary bass music is quite thrilling and oftentimes similar to Ivy Lab's "Death Don't Always Taste Good" album whilst the B1 tune "Leeroy" provides the most excellent, spine-tingling swamp bassline we've heard in contemporary Dubstep for years and makes this hell of expensive 2x10" release worth every hard earned penny .

05. Inushini - Organisierte Ruhestörung [Alphacute / Minor Obscur / Ohm 52 / Phantomnoise / Scrotum Records]
A multi-label collaboration brings us this highly limited 4-track 7" release by underground Breakcore master Inushini who's bringing the raw, brutal tracker aesthetics of the genre back with this one whilst also crossing over into noisy Hardcore- / Speedcore-realms at times. Especially the A1 tune "Verhetzung Der Jugend" is a big hit and worth alone buying this one from your local underground vinyl vendor.

06. Yamaoka - Knuckle Ball [Minor Aqua]
One that has been sitting on my personal wantlist for quite a while. The Japanese producer Kenichi Oka a.k.a. Yamaoka brings forth two variations of hounded, yet powerful and peaktime-focused 90s Techno for strobe- and laser-lit underground raves and smoked out warehouses. Great stuff.

07. PS Stamps Back - Beyond Lies The Wub / Dyl & Paragon - Unstable [False Move Rec. 001]
Leipzig's Minor Label and the Greek Tilt Recordings joined forces for a new conjunctional label effort resulting in the first release of the new False Move Rec.-imprint. Whilst PS Stamps Back seems to explore a trippy, spaced out realm somewhat in between Electronica / IDM, Armchair Techno and influences of contemporary bass music with "Beyond Lies The Wub" we see the studio force of Dyl & Paragon bring on a hefty take on Drum'n'Bass referencing the more advanced of he genre brought forward by producers like Amit or D-Bridge's 'Club Autonomic' podcast series with the bass heavy tune that is "Unstable". Proper.

08. DJ Madd - Can't Test We [Dubwise Revolution 002]
It seems like these are interesting times for any kind of bass music again, especially after Dubstep and Grime both went through a phase of streamlining and stagnation. With this one-sided, excellently stamped 10" whitelabel release we see DJ Madd fuse the best of sparse, classic Dubstep vibes with a modern take on contemporary Jungle that defo should be striking a chord with every fan of bass heavy music for a reason.

09. Numa Crew & Killa's Army - We Nuh Tek Talk [Numa Recordings 001]
As said before, these days are interesting days for bass music and this one surely is proof for this assumption. Fusing a classic, uplifting and heavily Reggae-infused Dubstep foundation with Grime-related vocal vibes this 12" brings on pure vibes and positivity to any bass-focused dancefloor.

10. La Lune Noir - Dictator [Svinx Records]
See review for details...


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