Friday, November 09, 2018

Jessica Sligter & Wilbert Bulsink - Sounds Of The Young Avant-Garde Vol. 01, 2018: Untitled #2 (The Mute) [Gaudeamus / Unsounds 062]

Released as a collaborational effort between the Dutch labels Gaudeamus and Unsounds on November 1st, 2k18 is "Untitled #2 (The Mute)" the new album created by Jessica Bligter and Wilbert Bulsink as the first ever volume of the freshly installed 'Sound Of The Young Avant-Garde'-series. Premiered live on November 8th, 2k16 in Den Bosch / Netherlands the five pieces on the 41 minutes spanning longplayer are subsequently named "A" to "F", exploring the tension between non-vocal resonance and fragile, spine-tingling high pitch viola and violin works of Hitchcock'esque qualities in the opening tune whilst the follow up "B" provides 103 seconds of pure atmospheric ambiance, for the most part sticking to near silence before "C" enters with a bang, or better a short eruptive chord leading towards meandering, hypnotizing string works and intense vocal performance by Jessica Sligter. With the albums main piece "D" stretched out over 16 minutes the group fuses Cold Ambient atmospheres and hyperfragile, oscillating strings as well as ever modulating drones alongside beautiful, mysterious vocals once again performed by Jessica Sligter in an almost theatrical manner not only in the tunes' ultimate climax of madness before the final closing piece "E" is an overall unsettling combination of alarming strings, haunting whispers and dark, beatless electronic tones of mostly buzzing, electric and apocalyptic nature. Intense.

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