Thursday, December 20, 2018

Spill - Stereo [Corvo Records 015 Promo]

Released via Corvo Records on November 23rd, 2k18 is "Stereo", the latest collaboration album created by Magda Mayas and Tony Buck employing their shared artistic alias of Spill for this longplay piece. Consisting of two tracks which are both hitting home close to the 21 minutes mark each we experience both artists in an extended studio session setting, adding improvised percussion and piano layers on top of previously recorded improvisations as well as pre-structured recordings, building on and bouncing off sonic events, amalgamating things into one coherent, thrilling and danger-indicating atmosphere, a sonic depiction of hours spent in the damp, tropical heat of a post-sunset jungle, surrounded by multiple layers of nightly noises, unknown critters, crackling bushes and outerworldly predators, haunted souls and the ever present spirits of powerful, omnipotent voodoo masters, roaming the dark as disembodied entities of old, watching over their homelands for aeons, withstanding the passage of time as a free floating incarnation of everlasting wisdom in "Magnetic Island" whilst "Sway" gravitates towards a minimalist Jazz Noir / Score Noir attitude, tempering with autumnal or cold winter night melancholia as well as tender romanticisms for lost, solitary souls... and friendly ghosts. Check.


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