Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Alina Kalancea - The 5th Apple [Störung 013]

Put on the circuit as 013 of the Störung-imprint on December 21st, 2k18 is "The 5th Apple",  the eight track album debut created by Romanian sound artist / producer Alina Kalancea who is setting out to fuse Spoken Word with rich electronic textures on her first longplay piece. And although the artists obvious accent and pronounciation alongside the reprocessing of her voice in itself make it quite hard to follow and embrace the deeper meaning of the vocal performance when one is not fully focused on the intertwined layers of vocals and music it is easy to get lost in Alina Kalancea's compositional work which is generally based on deep, steady, organic bass pulses as a basic structure, oftentimes accompanied by cold, buzzing, scientific drones of sorts, a general feeling of darkness and desolation albeit crossing over into Ambient territories every now and then or providing tense, fully instrumental cuts like the title track "The 5th Apple" which both evokes memories of early Senking productions or a beatless Crooklyn Dub vibe whilst stimulating our senses in a special way that makes it, alongside the hyperminimal, yet spine-tingling Dark Ambient tune "Fears", our favorite cut to be found on this album whereas the "Poisonous Girl" even touches on Morricone'esque score qualities, Opera and (Neo)Classical composition. Quite an interesting one, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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