Friday, January 25, 2019

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 079]

Fresh on the circuit via his very own Supersix Records-imprint is Sascha Müller's latest digital twelve track album, bringing us new and previously unheard tunes from his studio vaults. Opening with "The OS Tracks 16" the Uelsen-based producer delivers a crisp, swinging take on Minimal Techno with a bleepy, lo-fi main motif whereas "The OS Tracks 17" caters a warped variation of harsh, Industrial Broken Techno also messing around with lofi bleepisms and "Hydrotherapy" weighs in a buzzing, sped up and quirky Minimal Techno approach for those who like to party north of the 130 bpm mark. Following up is "Paramite", a tune staying on a stripped down, yet more hypnotic minimal tip, "The Work" brings forth a hard pumping HardHouse / Techno crossover for all oldskool ravers out there and "Perfusion" introduces more of a raw Acid meets Intelligent Techno groove and the subsequent "aa1" explores epicly beautiful ElectroTrance realms for extended sunrise sessions. Furthermore "Acid Junkfood Part 01" provides the very best of jacking, stripped down Chicago Acid for those who know whereas "Acid Junkfood Part 02" is more of a slow, gooey and well hypnotic AcidElectro workout, "Algorythmus" is back at sharp hi-hats and brutal, highly compressed and therefore slightly distorted Techno before "Alpha Centaury" turns out to be the albums Ambient / ChillOut main piece spanning roughly 12 minutes whilst the final cut "ANC" caters more fast paced, stripped down, ElectroPhonk-infused Techno with a tongue-in-cheek twist to punters on advanced late night dancefloors.


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