Sunday, February 10, 2019

Munchies On Flowers - Munchies On Flowers [Switch Music Recordings]

Scheduled for release via Switch Music Recordings on February 18th, 2k19 is "Munchies On Flowers" by Munchies On Flowers, the new solo project brought to life by producer Riccardo Gorone. Inspired by a BBC documentary on butterflies he started to work on this open format album which isn't held back by any genre restrictions or musical specifications. Beginning the seven track journey into what the promo sheet refers to as non-methodical music with "Cantatrice Chauve" we see Gorone exploring a realm set somewhat in between Ambient, Indietronics and deep Post-PostRock with a hint of Clicks'n'Cuts whereas the following cut named "Encore Aujord'hui" seems to be influenced by both electroid Phonk as well echoes of UK-bound bass music and Post-Dubstep before going off on a 4/4 Techno route, "Giullari - Part II" brings forth dream IDM for 2k19 and "Azazel Boogie" tells tales of more Detroit- and DubTechno-infused Phonk and bouncy Post-Dubstep for advanced late night dancefloors in intimate underground venues. Furthermore going full "Camouflage" results in well dreamy, tripped out Armchair Techno with the potential to end up as a massive future classic, the "White Rabbit Of Calypso" floats along spiralling, soft Ambient / ChillOut structures into peaceful, exotic heavens and the final cut "Ocean In One Drop" takes a soft turn into dry, well-abstract rhythm signatures and more chill, caressing melodic textures. Sweet one. We like.

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