Wednesday, February 06, 2019

DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess - Two Walls [Jahmoni Music]

Coming in from Munich's Jahmoni Music-camp only recently is the latest 10" outing produced for the label by the prolific Dutch artist known as DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess. Providing the original version of the title track "Two Walls", a head-over-heels trademark excursion into dry, super fast paced Future Tribal bordering Tribe Tekno with an ever repeating vocal sample seemingly stating 'Mark E. Smith' as the most dancefloor-friendly DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess production so far, as well as five additional remixes we're exposed to quite a range of variations including a short oriental excursion evoking memories of producers like Muslimgauze or Mutamassik, mechanical, probably Rhythm Industrial-influenced Dub journeys as well as full on freeform experimentalism which is a quite logical progression of DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess's former output for sure.


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