Monday, February 04, 2019

Paal Nilssen-Love - New Brazilian Funk [PNL Records 042]

The second project initiated by Paal Nilssen-Love for the Roskilde Festival 2018 also resulted in an album, this one named "New Brazilian Funk", which also has been co-produced by Noize-legend Lasse Marhaug as well as put on the circuit via PNL Records on January 25th, 2k19. This time collaborating with the likes of Felipe Zenicola, Frode Gjerstad, Kiko Dinucci and Paulinho Bicolor we see Paal Nilssen-Love deliver a seven track menu on this album, opening with the unsettling FreeJazz / NoiseRock excursion that is "Biggles And The Gun-Runners" which is offering an uncomfortably wobbly, off-kilter bass foundation alongsite haunted, full-on madness and insanity as its main features before "Beating Back Pain" is building quite a lively bridge between FreeJazz, classic Rock'n'Roll riffing and driving Funk Psychedelia whereas the "Rural Riders" get into intricate guitar feedback and distortion details, providing a wild, yet extremely groovy background for a killer lo-fi vocal performance which takes us straight back to the most drug-infused 70s sessions ever. Elaborating on "Five Dollars And A Jug Of Rum" we see the group moving into a deep, fever'ish and slightly ritualistic state of trance, "Restless" is string torture and nightmare fuel par excellance, the "Fruit Of The Lemon" brings forth more ritual fever and thrilling musical voodoo and the final cut "Pick A Time"  waves goodbye with a stripped down monster groove sax solo evolving into a maximum Noize Funk crescendo over the course of 9+ minutes. Highly recommended and maybe the best PNL Records release we've reviewed up to this date.

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LOL - ordered it yesterday!

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somehow i thought this might happen ;)

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