Sunday, February 24, 2019

Xotox - Silent Shout [Pro Noize / Dark Dimensions]

Sitting in our postbox only recently was the January, 2k19-released "Silent Shout", a new album outing coming in straight from the studios of the Paderborn-based Industrial- / EBM- / HardTechno-producer Andreas Davids a.k.a. Xotox who's been active on the circuit since the late 90s and took not only the electronic underground but also the so-called Alternative scene by storm with his distinct and hard hitting productions. Bringing forth five new original tracks, one rework and a pack of six remixes the album opens with its title track, a powerful, yet sparse trip into massive, hoover signal-emulating, klaxon'esque bass signals paired with intense lyrics and complex rhythm signatures for pitch black dancefloors, followed by the dark Rhythm Industrial-informed, psyched out Techno meets ProtoTrance-cut "Paleodisco" and the tense, spine-tingling, yet beautiful athmosphere of the post-apocalyptic "Still Closer Then". The subsequent confession "I Dream Only Beautiful Nightmares" brings forth Xotox's uptempo, somewhat Breakbeat- / Drum'n'Bass / DarkJungle-infused side without meeting any of the mentioned genres criteria but presenting a sense for dramatic arrangements and vintage synth basslines instead, "Nothing (Reworked Version)" deals with the artists brutal, hypercompressed and uncompromising trademark 4/4 sound whereas "Weltuntergang" pairs up slow, grinding, hypnotic beats with ever morphing background atmospheres building up towards a cataclysmic climax that never happens over the course of nearly 9 minutes. Furthermore "Paleodisco (Schwarzwald RMX)" delivers quite a melodic, 90s-reminiscing and well uplifting take on Rave vs. HardTechno, "I Dream Only Beautiful Nightmares (Defaults RMX)" weighs in a dark, bubbly, yet fear-inducing sci-fi vibe over the course of 132 seconds and "Still Closer (Autoclav 1.1 RMX)" caters to the needs of those loving their Industrial Phonk meets Illbient meets large scale panoramic arrangements to the max. Following up is "I Dream Only Beautiful Nightmares (Sci-Fi Industries RMX) which deals with slightly distorted, washed out and ethereal melodies atop a foundation of what could be described as deepest Future Trance in slow motion, "Still Closer (Loss RMX)" indulges in multi-layered, complex IDM / Electronica in the vein of beloved, mid-90s Future Sound Of London-productions and the final cut, "Weltuntergang (Nyppy Mix)", delivers a cold and deadly, subtle, yet bass heavy and vantablack closing for what maybe is the deepest, most complex Xotox longplayer ever released. Highly recommended, this.


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