Friday, February 22, 2019

Pylone - A Jamais / Ping [Sound On Probation 019]

Scheduled for release via Sound On Probation on March 1st, 2k19 is the third musical outing by Laurent Perrier's Pylone project, a two track and 37 minutes spanning album rendering of electro-acoustic composition techniques on modular synthesizers. With the first track "A Jamais" fusing and amalgamating cutup vocal microsamples provided by multimedia artist Lyne Vermes we're taken into a well psychedelic, tripping sonic realm evoking memories of how early sci-fi flics were dealing with states of trance or hypnosis in their score compositions whereas the second, also 18+ minutes spanning tune "Ping" brings forth a lecture in minimalism, being created by triggering a single twinpeak filter which results in a multi-layered structure of warped, percussive, gamelan-resembling bleeps, computational feedbacks and ethereal, yet cold and scientific sweeps of a well calming, contemplative nature for those loving to search refuge in thrilling retrofuturistic soundscapes for a reason. 


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