Sunday, February 17, 2019

Donna Missal - This Time [Harvest / Frank Records]

Already out on the digital circuit and set for physical release via Harvest / Frank Records on April 26th, 2k19 is "This Time", the debut album by rapidly rising artist Donna Missal which interestingly describes herself as 'emotional wreck with solid self-control' in her Instagram bio. Serving a set of eleven brand new songs within a total playtime of roughly 42 minutes we see Donna Missal exploring a reflective, expressive, yet oftentime considerate and inward looking take on Alternative Pop garnished with quite a lot of soulfulness and a certain way of evident brokenness to be felt in both classic songs as well as in more Future Soul-oriented musical outings like the emotional FutureSoul referring jam that is "Driving" whilst tunes like "Jupiter" seems to ooze sweet, yet distinct 80s influences with its characteristic midrange synth bass motif and somehow Miami Vice'esque vibe evoking memories of Kavinsky's epic classic "Nightcall" for some reason. With "Metal Man" the artist brings forth an athmospheric slow jam of a power ballad for sure, "Test My Patience" comes with quite a bit of a crackly vintage feel - think early Portishead having a lovechild with killer 90s R'n'B in a smoky saloon here, "Thrills" goes down the sexy, intimate and highly dramatic ballad alley, "Keep Lying" takes the Vintage Soul vibe to another, most fascinating power level and looking at the "Skyline" once again showcases Donna Missal's ability to build up from tender and loving to highly dramatic vocalwise within only one song seamlessly and effortlessly. Furthermore "Transformer" is build on a foundation of raw Soul and dope Funk to provide a killer backdrop for bourbon-fueled, emotional late night sessions, "This Time" is the panoramic ballad every album needs and the final cut "Don't Say Goodnight" well caters to needs of those still loving their Easy Listening-infused, widescreen TripHop / Downbeat enriched with highly expressive, broadway'esque vocals for an excellent closing. Good stuff.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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