Saturday, March 30, 2019

Dr. NoiseM - Studio Works 31 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Fresh from the vaults of the mysterious producer that is Dr. NoiseM is his new album "Studio Works 31", a new 60+ minutes album bringing a total of ten previously unheard tracks to the table... or the listeners headphones, maybe. Opening with "Untitled_Still_02" the artist greets us with a monolithic, ten-minutes-spanning wall of brutal HarshNoize before the "Candy Girl" brings outerworldly spookiness from cold, transdimensional realms whereas the "China Syndrome" indicates the absence of soul through ever morphing realms of ethereal trademark DeathAmbient and "Jingle Ass Bells" combines echoes of its predecessor with grinding, electronic Noize feedbacks and heaps of distortion to a great effect. The follow up "Nuke Rudolfs Nose" explores super minimal low frequency drones, the "Plastic Corporation" produces more freezingly cold, clean and sterile structures, keeping in line with the artists preferred trademark sound whereas "Santas Bad Trip" results in even more frosty respiratory sounds and a desolate, yet spatial attitude. Finally the conceptual triple pack closing this album starts with "Schweinegulasch", a steady maelstrom of screaming midrange Noize, "Schweineklöse" brings forth more transdimensional sound warps and the concluding take "Schweinekotelett" employs more of a chill, relaxed variation of classic, yet minimalist Ambient for a goodbye.


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