Friday, March 22, 2019

Ritual Howls - Rendered Armor [Felte 056]

Put on the circuit via the ever active Felte label on March 22nd, 2k19 is "Rendered Armour", the latest longplay outing created by Detroit's Industrial Rock-dubbed outfit named Ritual Howls which cater a quite surprising opener with "Alone Together", a well-twangy, seductive and more DesertRock / DesertBlues infused song effort, a vibe that's kept well alive in the more uptempo and Wave-infused, David Lynch'esque follow-up "Mother Of The Dead". With "Love Cuts" the band showcases their darker, muscular side with hefty beats and screaming synth crescendos for those loving bands like Sisters Of Mercy, "The Offering" offers quite anthemic qualities amalgamating massive low frequency bass waves and electrified Americana with mesmerizing vocals whereas "Devoured Decency" brings forward a mixture of raw electronic DeltaBlues and an Industrial'esque for those loving Depeche Mode's "Delta Machine" and similar albums to death. Furthermore "I Can Hear Your Tears" kicks proper ass with a marching 4/4 attitude and stripped down, captivating main guitar motif, "Thought Talks" is on a deeper, romantic and still anthemic Industrial meets Dark Pop-tip and the concluding cut "All I've Known" unites all vantablack, but loving souls for a final dance in dark. Proper good. Recommended.

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Blogger HRD said...

I've gone back and forth on ordering this or not, ever since it was announced. I have their Into The Water album from 2016 on vine and it is good, not great. I think I grabbed it because I am partial to music from Detroit and I'm partial to Felte - great label and company IMO. Something just seems 'off' about the samples I've heard and I can't put my finger on why. I still may give it a try - it helps that you recommended it.

Cheers, Tom

5:42 PM  
Blogger baze.djunkiii said...

i wasn'r familiar with the band before and it got me. might order the vinyl album for myself as well... we'll see.

6:21 PM  

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