Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Stale Storlokken - The Haze Of Sleeplessness [Hubro Music]

To be released via Hubro Music on April 24th, 2k19 is "The Haze Of Sleeplessness", the new album by Norwegian artist Stale Storlokken who's aiming to explore the realms of deep synthesizer music and Proto-Ambient with this seven track outing. Opening with the "Prelude To The Haze Of Sleeplessness" we're falling back into soft cushions of vintage pads and a warm, organic, highly relaxed atmosphere garnished with dreamy, partially krautsy synth lines whereas "Orange Drops" provides a blueprint in minimalist, hyper-calming Space Music, the "Reality Box" adds some seemingly field recorded rhythmic textures to the crystalline Ambient vibe and "Stranded At Red Ice Desert. Remember Your Loved Ones (In Memory Of My Dear Mother)" amalgamates darker, brooding and sci-fi sounding vintage bass pulses with ruminant, slightly Asiatic melodies performed on wind instruments. The short interlude named "Turbulence" mixes the melodic structures of its predecessor with raw scraping sounds, entering the "Skyrocket Hotel" we're experiencing a panoramic, widescreen view overlooking vast, colossal, yets lighty distorted sonic landscapes partially shaped by ChillOut / Downtempo rhythms and the final ride into "Nitro Valley" reveals more spaced out, space themed sparkles alongside yearning Cosmic strings and raw, brooding bass waves emerging from the deepest depths of the unknown universe.

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