Sunday, March 31, 2019

Ifriqiyya Electrique - Laylet El Booree [Glitterbeat Promo]

Scheduled for release on April 5th, 2k19 via the ever active Glitterbeat-imprint is Ifriqiyya Electrique's new album named "Laylet El Booree", a project born as the brainchild of its founding members Gianna Greco and Francois R. Cambuzat after and meanwhile they ventured to the Tunisian Djerid desert to explore the local Banga ritual in which they both took investigative as well as participating roles. Teaming up with local musicians and performers the project ripened mostly through, partly ritualistic, live performances until it took its final shape, a mesmerizing combination of heavy Rock guitars and chants, resulting in muscular DesertBlues anthems like "He Eh Lalla", powerful outings for highly active moshpits like "Beesmeellah Beedeet", hefty Alt.Rock / Metal crossovers like "Habeebee Hooa Jooani" or full on acapella chants found in the less than two minutes spanning cut that is "Danee Danee". A fascinating fusion, this.


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