Thursday, March 21, 2019

Kindstod [Dangerous Diskettes 003 Promo]

Coming in as a pre-release promo on the hyper underground imprint Dangerous Diskettes is the labels 003, a new floppy disk single crafted by the artist known as Kindstod. Sporting one single track named "Preteen Deathfuck (A Noise Tribute To Nattefrost)" we see Kindstod providing a beautiful, highly dynamic excursion into the realms of Noize / Rhythm Industrial in a mostly scraping, grinding uptempo manner before turning towards warmer, and somewhat even harmonic, structures after approx. two minutes, introducing a certain warm and hellish but welcoming feel to a genre usually associated with stone cold darkness and ultrabrutality. Is Ambient GrindNoize a genre claimed yet?

Floppy artwork on Instagram!


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