Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Maverick Sabre - When I Wake Up [FAMM / The Orchard / Sony]

To be released on March 22nd, 2k19 via FAMM / The Orchard is "When I Wake Up", the latest album by now North London-based Michael Stafford a.k.a Maverick Sabre which we've already announced on the pages with the advent of the first video outtake "Her Grace" in late December, 2k18. Catering an overall selection of thirteen tracks the former rapper now turned songwriter delivers a timeless, dramatic take on (Neo)Soul on this longplayer, opening with the killer widescreen arrangement of "Preach" whereas beat foundations prevalent in tunes like "Drifting" or "A Mile Away" still bear witness of his original HipHop roots in their overall sample-informed dopeness and smoky, vintage, yet dancefloor kicking attitude that is well related to the genres golden era whereas more laid back cuts like "Nirvana", "Don't Talk About It" or the highly dynamic "Weakness" provide a sweet crossover between still club functional beats and heartfelt emotion, oftentimes garnished with a good portion of Blues and the overwhelmingly touching feel of a hot desert sunset. Good stuff, this!

Promo artwork on Instagram!


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