Sunday, May 12, 2019

Anders Vestergaard & Finn Loxbo - Saint Erme [Gikt Records 013]

Scheduled for release via Gikt Records on May 17th, 2k19 is the new album created by the 2014-formed Danish / Swedish duo Anders Vestergaard and Finn Loxbo. Commissioned by Copenhagen's Concertkirken venue and recorded in - hence the albums title - the French village of Saint Erme the two artists bring forth an interesting approach to minimalism in music manifesting in one single track of 46 minutes total runtime. Starting off with a skeletal, stripped down guitar motif providing quite a bit of space between single repetitions / variations we're drawn into a state of hypnosis and deep meditation as scarce percussive elements and subtle electronic modifications slowly fade and move in, out and around the compositions main, guitar-based theme, building a bridge between ultraminimalist Post-PostRock and organic, hand-played Ambient structures for those who know. Relaxing. And recommended.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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