Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Denis Frajerman - Wastelands / Lawrence Of Arabia [Klanggalerie]

Put on the circuit via the Klanggalerie-imprint in April, 2k19 is Denis Frajerman's new split two part album "Wastelands / Lawrence Of Arabia". Whereas the first four tracks, the "Wasteland" part, can be seen as Denis Frajerman's personal tribute to author T.S. Eliot with Susannah Rooke reading excerpts of his book "The Waste Land" atop a calm Jazz / Jazz Noir-infused backing of PostRock / Indietronica we see track five to fourteen, subsumed under "Lawrence Of Arabia", bring together a variety of the artists contributions to several compilation albums, all held together by a certain 'oriental' feel, at least according to the accompanying press sheet. With "Clock Bird" this selection opens with a hypnotically repetetive piano motif accompanied by matching low end vibrations and meandering guitars, the follow up "Las Delicias" opens on a formal, courtly dance vibe before bringing in fever'ish drums, vintage synth organs and a bit of oriental tonality, "Captain Nemo Death" goes for haunting, intense piano chords and thrilling, close to madness background bits of FreeJazz / (Neo)Classical, "Melancolia" brings forth raw, muffled drum machine vibes alongside Tribal drums, an overwhelming low end alongside more simple, yet highly captivating piano melodies and the German titled "Wie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Strasse" combines a well brooding electronic intro sequence with a relaxed Balearic sunset chill attitude just to name a few tracks picked from this not so oriental longplayer. Check.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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