Thursday, May 09, 2019

Thomas William Hill - Grains Of Space [Village Green Recordings 041]

Scheduled for release on May 17th, 2k19 is Thomas William Hill's second album for the Village Green Recordings label entitled "Grains Of Space", a title harking back to the conceptual approach of the longplayer which sees the artist layering minimal loops recorded of the classic Renaissance / Baroque instrument viola da gamba with each new layer dictated and influenced by the silent parts within the previous layer and loop. Following this specific technique to build a foundation for his compositions we see Thomas William Hill providing a menu of nine tracks on this album, all bringing forth a more often light-hearted, yet sometimes also brooding and fever'ish but always naturalistic feel, fusing the ambient'ish background textures with a wide variety of additional elements like tribal drums, beauteous, crystal clear piano lines, large scale string arrangements and a distinct romanticism with score'esque organic qualities that makes this one a companon for either late autumn listening sessions in front of an open fire or alternatively a proper soundtrack for an epic sunset experienced on a balearic spa terrace for a reason. An album for Ambient / ChillOut heads, kitsch lovers and fans of (Neo)Classical arrangements alike.

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