Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Chelique Sarabia - Revolucion 'Electronica' En Musica Venezolana [Pharaway Sounds Promo]

Fresh on the circuit via Pharaway Sounds is "Revolucion 'Electronica' En Musica Venezolana", an album originally crafted by Chelique Sarabia back in 1973 as a commissioned work for the petrol company Shell as a, successful, attempt to fuse traditional music from Venezuela with early electronic music production techniques like feedbacks, oscillators, tape delays etc.. The result is, due to the time of its original release, obviously closer to traditional Latin music and what is referred to as Exotica / Easy Listening nowadays than to highly advanced experimental electronics, yet it's pretty clear where Chelique Sarabia is headed with his instrumental approach. In tunes like "Cantos Mi Tierra" we see him employing traditional Dub techniques and echoes at times whereas score'esque uptempo cuts like "El Cumaco De San Juan" are meandering between retrofuturist dissonance, a raw spatial attitude and Morricone'esque aesthetics, "Polo Coriano" summons pure South American sunshine vibes, "Mare-Mare Por Comer Zoparo El Pajaro Guarandol" harks back to Dub fx in combination with collage again and "Barlovento" indulges in deep Psychedelia produced a mere 47 years ago just to name a few. A throwback for sure and defo a collectible piece for lovers of Exotica these days.

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