Monday, May 27, 2019

David Chalmin - La Terre Invisible [Ici D'Ailleurs 100]

Put on the circuit via the ever active Ici D'Ailleurs-label on May 24th, 2k19 and already announced on these pages through the video for the track "Matiere Noire" earlier this month is David Chalmin's first ever solo album work named "La Terre Invisible" on which the explores several stages of electronic music over the course of six tracks in total. Opening with "A L'Aube" we see David Chalmin unravel a beautiful sheet of looped, Clicks'n'Cuts infused Ambient with a dramatic piano twist before "Les Ames Perdues" brings forth a Phonk- and Electronica-informed take on slow motion Techno / RomanticHouse sporting a minimalist arrangement including a catchy littly melody and panoramic strings for the youth of today. Furthermore "Images Nocturnes" drifts far into spaced out (Neo)Cosmic territories, "Vertige" evolves from glitching, precisely cut Electronica into a dark'ish Techno workout for peak time sets before shifting gears for a surprisingly noisy UltraPhonk breakdown and the final cut "Lumiere Blanche" waves goodbye in a totally unexpected manner, presenting a mere 4 minutes of romantic piano (Neo)Classical as a tender conclusion which, obviously, doesn't fit it in well within the albums overall feel.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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