Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler - Rework [Karlrecords Promo]

A few weeks after posting Jasmine Guffond's "Remix Algorithm" as a first announcement for this release it's time for us to examine "Reworks", the first in a series of records on Karlrecords to celebrate the 85th anniversary of German minimalism pioneer Ernstalbrecht Stiebler who, to this day, is widely unknown to the general public. Presenting a collection of five remixes / reinterpretations of Stiebler's work over the course of 41 minutes the album opens with Frank Bretschneider's "Re-Mitteltoene", a carefully arranged offering of warm, dreamy Ambient minimalism somehow similar to Oval's "Systemisch" album in its overall atmospheric vibe whereas "Innocence (For And After Ernstalbrecht Stiebler)" by Berangere Maximin also is following the Ambient lane yet focuses on a development of strings, meandering somewhat between harmony and dissonance over the tunes runtime. Furthermore "Mit Der Zeit Im Atem Schwebend" by Phonosphere keeps true to the Contemporary Classical roots of Stiebler's approach to minimalist composition and finally Kammerflimmer Kollektief's "Morendo" goes full-on experimental, fusing hectic FreeJazz / Free Improv eruptions with sequences of calmness and tender, score'esque PostRock-vibes to a well interesting effect.


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