Thursday, May 23, 2019

The 808 Hillbillys - Untitled 5 EP [Psychocandies 077]

The 808 Hillbillys are back with their fifth untitled digital EP release on the ever busy, Acid-focused Psychocandies imprint. With "Untitled 1" we see them go straight into raw Acid Techno / MonoAcid overdrive, evoking memories of classic compilations like Force Inc.'s "Rauschen 5" whereas "Untitled 2" digs deep into screaming Acid madness, dry unprocessed percussions and edgy, over the top modulations for the headstrong. Finally "Untitled 3" brings on a more jumpy, technoid vibe with heavy distortions and a little bit of an oldskool twist that, once again, will resonate well with fans of the early 90s Force Inc. sound. Proper good.


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