Monday, May 20, 2019

DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess - One Place For The First Time [Jahmoni Music Promo]

Just released via Munich's Jahmoni Music imprint on May 17th, 2k19 is "One Place For The First Time", the new ten track album outing by Dutch DJ / producer DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess. Internationally known for her unique approach to the art of DJ'ing and production the tracks on the longplayer tie in exactly at a place her previous releases on the label left off - raw, tool'ish and often with a feel of mechanical repetition, bringing forth a distinct, dry FutureTribal attitude informed by both various bass music and Techno mixed up with multiple layers of vocal cut-ups and samples, most evident, functional and captivating in the hypnotic, roughly seven minutes spanning tune named "Respect My Snack Food" whereas the follow-up "Technicians And Their Smoke Machines" picks up on this vibe, yet transforming things into a chunky, clumsy take of minimalistic, dubbed out Industrial Electronics whilst tunes like "Dub (Dub)" dig deep into droning, dark'ish Illbient / SpunkJazz territories or explore a grinding, bassheavy take on UnAmbient Techno like "The Mother Of All Messes" does. Unique.


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