Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Adrian Corker - Music For Lock Grooves [SN Variations 005 Promo]

Scheduled for release via SN Variations on July 5th, 2k19 as the labels 005 is Adrian Corker's "Music For Lock Grooves", an interesting take on using locked grooves cut on real acetates - yes, dubplates that is! - being played back as a foundation for musical composition. Interesting, not only because of the limited loop / cycle length yet also because of the progressing decay occuring throughout the playback and recording process as acetates tend to wear out and break down easily when played repeatedly, even more so when used as a very limited locked groove. Split over six sub-parts the promotional CD version contains only one track of roughly 20 minutes total playtime which provides a quite enthralling sonic landcape of spiralling, ever meandering nature, weighing in elements of Ambient, Electronica, electro-acoustic composition and Musique Concrete, seemingly - and maybe due to their repetetive, yet still alway varying nature - opening communication channels with ones inner self, the subsurface layers of the unconscious, touching on ancient grounds and therefore is recommended to all collectors and lovers of experimental electronic music for a series of highly focused listening sessions. Fascinating.


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