Monday, June 17, 2019

P.T.B.S. & Sascha Müller - Rebels [Urbangroove Records 013]

Put on the circuit via the Italian label Urbangroove Records as their 013 is the new "Rebels" single crafted by the production team of P.T.B.S., better known as Ufuk Özbayar to his friends and parents, and longtime electronic music staple Sascha Müller. Released as a digital single and a limited to 7 - !!! - hand-numbered copies run of hand-cut 12" vinyl the duo is opening with "Leblebi" which offers a highly functional take on proper spaced out Techno with excellent high frequency filter works and masterly crafted breakdowns whereas "Androids" on the flipside focuses on a groove a little more stripped down and mechanical that's about to resonate with both followers of classic driving MinimalTechno - think Robert Hood et al. here - as well as with those who've been brought up on the stomping HardHouse / Techno fusion that used to be popular amongst DJ's and punters around the mid-90s due to it's highly effective dancefloor attitude. Good stuff.

Vinyl artwork on Instagram!


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