Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Trond Kallevag Hansen - Bedehus & Hawaii [Hubro Music]

There seems to be a thing going on with the combination of Hawaiian twang guitars and Nordic / Norwegian Music these days as the Hubro Music camp has been putting out another album focusing on this specific vibe with Trond Kallevag Hansen's "Bedehus & Hawaii" on May 24th, 2k19 on which the composer is accompanied by pedal steel player Geir Sundstøl over the course of nine tracks and approx. 37 minutes of playtime. Together, alongside a set of guest musicians, they carve out a sonic, and instrumental, space of their own, bordering both Easy Listening and Exotica in a certain way,  bringing together influences of Folk and Polynesian vibes in a way that might well fit in into the backdrop of a sweet cocktail setting on a lazy hot summer evening for some, yet has something off'ish and doesn't seem fall into place as effortlessly and perfectly as in Sundstøl's latest album "Brødlos" which made excessive use of twangy steel guitars as well. Therefore "Bedehus & Hawaii" does not live up to the labels standards unfortunately and isn't a must have, even not for die-hard fans of the Hubro Music catalogue.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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