Thursday, July 04, 2019

Maps And Diagrams - Azurescens [False Industries / Handstitched Promo]

Put on the circuit on April 19th, 2k19 as a limited joint venture release between the labels False Industries and Handstitched is "Azurescens" which is issued as CD album and cassette respectively. Opening with "Chiba" we see Maps And Diagrams, a duo consisting of the label heads Tim Diagram and Yair Etziony, paving the way for things to come with an 8+ minutes journey into twisted, Psychedelia-infused Ambient layering accompanied by what seem to be modular bleeps, abstract ChillOut percussions and an overall dreamlike, spaced out atmosphere which is a main theme throughout all eleven tracks on this longplayer, be it within the electrical, droning buzz of "Kubensis" which additionally dabbles in scraping, electroacoustic rhythm signatures whereas tunes like "Spore" indulge in fully fledged (Neo)Cosmic synth beauty and a cascading, playful sonic vision and the follow up "Bohemica" is a blueprint for hovering overall calmness and classic Space Age Ambient for sure. With the subsequent "Ohmic" the duo provides an ebb and flow movement of well scenic synthesizer pads, "Sola" brings forth more of a warped and droning space time effect reminiscent of how time dilation is depicted in old sci-fi movies and "Amarra" amalgamates the sparkly joy of jumping fish and flowing water in a creek with a blurred out panoramic Ambient drone to a massive widescreen effect. Furthermore "Shiro" combines scraping surface noises, isolationist winds, clean, partly even sterile atmospheric layers and an unsettling, brooding low end, "Odora" harks back to classic by the book Ambient beauty before "Helvella" enters fever'ish, ritualistic terrain whilst being the first rhythm driven cut on the album and leading our braincells towards a hell'ish, intense pre-climax state whereas the final cut that is "Vesca" waves farewell in a soft, organic and all embracing peaceful manner. Nice one.


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