Monday, July 15, 2019

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 067]

Fresh on the digital circuit is Sascha Müller's most recent digital album release, once again an untitled longplayer released via Supersix Records. Bringing forth a serving of eleven new track the Uelsen-based artist presents "Kommando" as an opener, an 11+ minutes journey into hypertense Ambient, fusing what could be the background atmosphere of a banging mid-90s HardTrance tune with swampy, hyperminimalist IDM beats whereas "Kompakt" makes our heads nod using some Phonk-infused Downtempo magic reminiscent of Fauna Flash's seminal three track EP released as 015 of the Compost Records label. With "Kopfgeld" we see Sascha Müller go down a different route with dry, minimal, technoid beats and scraping rhythm signatures, "Krach" indulges in banging 90s Techno with flogging snares and screaming, ear-piercing synth twists and "Living On A Highway" goes hand-in-hand with living high speed and interesting percussion filter movements for a stripped down, yet highly exciting trip to raveland. The subsequent "Lock Down" is more of a raw, slo-motion affair trying to amalgamate soft, trancey arrangements and echoes of Chicago jack, "Machine-Made" takes us into an Ambient dream state of sorts with its slow moving, swampy early 90s vibe which surprisingly evolves into a percussive HypnoTrance cut after five minutes in before "Maria Himmelfahrt" showcases a jumpy, gooey approach to Techno reminiscent of many Italian productions around 1993/94 due to its unprocessed vibe, sharp driving hi-hats and overly distorted bassdrums. Furthermore "Medusas Child" brings forth more gooey, slightly distorted AcidTrance accompanied by classic ClubTechno stabs, "Metabolism" relies on dry, clean cut drums, hypnotic, tripping background atmospheres alongside classy House stabs and an overly exciting main melody to bring back original Trance vibes and the final cut "Metal Forces" is built on a raw slo-mo stomp, ever spiralling yet minimalist Acid lines and various layers of mechanical, metallic percussion sounds somehow evoking memories of Depeche Mode's "People Are People" phase when the band were sampling various percussion sounds from their Field Recording trips.


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