Thursday, July 11, 2019

Rafael Anton Irisarri - Solastalgia (Suite One) / Agitas Al Sol (Suite Two) [Room 40 Promo]

Put on the circuit via Room40 on June 21st, 2k19 is "Solastalgia (Suite One)", the latest album outing created by New York-based composer Rafael Anton Irisarri which is accompanied by the additional limited cassette tape release of "Agitas Al Sol (Suite Two)". With the first album we see Rafael Anton Irisarri exploring realms of darkish Ambient over the course of six tracks, with the opening piece "Decay Waves" combining a seemingly reprocessed ocean swell with beautiful, yet doleful string arrangements followed by a "Coastal Trapped Disturbance" a.k.a. a trip into deep Ambient melancholia whereas "Chrysalism" explores a calmer, more comforting variation of the genre. Being "Visible Through The Shroud" results in a tender, slowly evolving atmospheric stream of sound that leads into an intense, steady swell of panoramic quality, "Kiss All The Pretty Snakes Goodbye" introduces washed out, reverberating piano tones and seemingly field recorded crackles to the overall mix for the first time whereas "Black Pitch" isn't as dark and threatening as its title but waves goodbye in a soothing, fully relaxed and slightly mystical manner. Furthermore the two tracks of "Agitas Al Sol (Suite Two)", "Atrial" and "Cloak", are merged into a 38 minutes long fusion on our CD-r promo version of the two combined albums, bringing forth an epic journey into atmospheric Dark Ambient which, regarding its compositional value, might also be appreciated by lovers of ethereal, reprocessed (Neo)Classical music for a reason.


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