Friday, July 12, 2019

Hüma Utku - Gnosis [Karlrecords 068]

Released via Karlrecords on July 5th, 2k19 is "Gnosis", the debut album by Istanbul-born, Berlin-based producer Hüma Utku employing her real full name for a musical project after releasing under the name of R.A.N. / Roads At Night prior to this longplayer. With six tracks on this album, most of them incorporating Field Recordings of sorts, the opening cut "Vulnerary" embarks on a journey into clean, sterile and desolate Cold Ambient atmospheres accompanied by echoes of outerworldly background choirs and a regular pulse of well rounded, yet brooding sinewave bass signals which are seamlessly progressing into the follow up "Black Water Red" where they're met by atmospheric crackles, scraping Future Tribal signatures and most importantly masterly sculpted Industrial Electronica beats which could've found their way onto signature releases on the Hymen / Ant-Zen empire in the past before the follow up tune "Truth From The Deepest Source" indulges in ancient (african) rhythms and cold blasting space winds for an intro leading into lively polyrhythmic action  and threatening low end transmissions from the earths deepest vaults, or the place where your inner monsters reside. The subsequent "All The Universe Conspires" caters a more minimalist, heavenly approach to slightly scraping Ambient vibes in conjunction with tribalistic, bass-heavy, slow motion Electronica to fit the needs of all Illbient heads at their darkest out there, "A Gift From The Dark Ages" is more a gift from the Cold Ambient ages and the concluding "All-one" provides some sterile, unsettling electric background buzzes as well as steadily shifting sonic plates as a foundation for a calm, sci-fi-infused setting - a tune that defo should be considered to be included in some futuristic space horror movie score due to its imminent tension and spine-tingling attitude. Check.


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