Wednesday, August 07, 2019

The Cray Twins - In The Company Of Architects [Fang Bomb 029]

Put on the circuit via the Fang Bomb-imprint on August 1st, 2k19 is "In The Company Of Architects", the sophomore album by the group known as The Cray Twins. In this album we see the core duo behind the lose collaborative group arrange and sculpt a menu of three tracks in total which were created by main members Paul Baran and Gordon Kennedy alongside a whole bunch of contributing artists and musicians adding everything from chimes to microtonal saxophones to spoken word and modular synthesizer to the mix. Opening with the albums main piece, the 38 minutes spanning title track, we see The Cray Twins provide a deep dive into stripped down Ambient and Deep Listening Music of well score'esque quality incorporating altered, slightly warped background vocals as well as calming Ambient movements, a variety of hard to identify clangs as well as electroacoustic composition techniques, all layered and interweaving to tell a unique sonic story of its own. Furthermore the subsequent "The Absence Of Architects" combines dreamy Spoken Word with more of a romantic, cinematic and naturalistic Ambient backdrop somewhat reminiscent of early Synth masters like Tangerine Dream or Jean-Michel Jarre whereas the concluding "Anarchitects" brings forward another variation of dream state like, super calm and comforting Ambient Chill Out music for die-hard fans of the genre. Good stuff, there.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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