Sunday, October 20, 2019

Afflicted - Dr. Who EP [Psychocandies 081]

Put on the circuit via the ever active Psychocandies-imprint is the new "Dr. Who EP" by the production duo that is Afflicted, comprised of Sascha Müller and Ufuk Özbayar who is also using the alias P.T.B.S. for his solo works. Together, the two producers are bringing forth a gallopping, stripped down and fast paced Techno vibe with the hollow sounding, tool-oriented opener "Dr. Who 1" whereas the subsequently named "Dr. Who 2" weighs in a little more of a Tribal vibe alongside ever moving, 'troity mid-range synths lines whilst "Dr. Who 3" even gravitates towards what Thomas P. Heckmann once described as 'Knarz' in terms of a Techno subgenre back in the days.


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