Monday, October 21, 2019

Acre - Different Constellation [Aut Records 049]

Scheduled for release via Berlin's Aut Records imprint on November 18th, 2k19 is "Different Constellation" - the third album by the trio known as Acre which have collaborated with singer / songwriter Ludovica Manzo on this longplayer, who is adding her personal note to the groups language which plays in a... see title for this. Opening with "Formula" we see the four musicians introduce a tender, intimate take on songwriting based on both smoky late night PostJazz, naturalistic Folk-infused etherealisms and variations of a distinct piano / guitar motif whilst "Nebula Nitida" evokes memories of artists like Gilli Smyth or Bitch Band No 1 in its more free floating, performative and out of this world FreeJazz infused attitude. "Human's Dilemma" brings forth an inward looking tenderness infused by a dramatic, partly even theatrical experimental Soul vibe and heartfelt emotions, "Tomorrow" indulges in whispered, atmospheric Spoken Words, minimal sonic textures and free experimental percussion arrangements, "Implantable Memories" are based on scraping structures and intense non-vocalisms on the brink of madness and the final composition named "Simula" even introduces a highly experimental, slightly brooding variation of Jazz Noir for a closing of what is maybe the most outstanding, unique Aut Records release so far.

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