Thursday, October 31, 2019

Olo Walicki / Jacek Proscinski - Llovage [Gusstaff Records]

Released via the Polish specialist label Gusstaff Records on October 25th, 2k19 is "Llovage", the first full on collaborative album release created by composers and musicians Olo Walicki and Jacek Proscinski. With both having a background in Avantgarde, Improv and Jazz they're setting out for a slightly different journey here, heading towards more electro-acoustic territories in combination with their instruments of choice, double bass and drums, on this 43 minutes long seven track album which, at least this goes for the CD version, is accompanied by a dried, unique single leaf of lovage as an additional extra for each album - a sweet idea which we haven't seen employed before in any other release ever. Together, their organic musical approach seems to be informed by a stripped down variation of Free Jazz and Future Jazz with electro-acoustic patterns and background sounds adding a tense and intense athmosphere for the most part, functioning as harmonic, sometimes spatial layers for a new dimension of sound with cuts like "Katorga" presenting a thrilling, dramatic variation of dramatic Jazz Noir with a vintage crime scene feel that could've been dug out from an archive of the quirkiest, most obscure Library Music / Production Music ever whereas "Pyza" brings on a dense midrange atmosphere in its Electronica meets (Neo)Cosmic resembling composition as well as glitched out, microcut vocal samples whilst "Jino" presents a more dreamy, romantic and laid back overall vibe for deep listening sessions and "NWW (Najmniejsza Wspolna Wielokrotnosc)" caters a dusty, slightly vintage vibe in terms of spaced out, intimate late night jam sessions before the concluding "Dziecko A Rossmanna" deals with purest Synth greatness and thrilling structures harking back to medieval formal dances just to pick a few favorite tracks from the album here. Check.


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