Friday, October 18, 2019

The Decayed! - PDX PUNX [Grüße Aus Der Mülltonne 004]

Put on the circuit via the German underground imprint Grüße Aus Der Mülltonne in March 2019 is "PDX PUNX", the first ever eight track vinyl album release by Portland-based Punk outfit The Decayed!. Pressed as a limited vinyl edition of 115 yellow and 100 black vinyl copies and therefore a collectors item from the very start this copy was given to us in Portland directly and therefore holds some special memories - apart from its musical content. Soundwise The Decayed! are coming at us with a raw, defo UK-infused take on the Punk / SkatePunk genre with the anthemic, scream-a-long banger of a title track that is "PDX PUNX" whilst "Stop!" takes moshpits like a hurricane and even might appeal to an audience more drawn towards Metal due to its heavy riffing and elaborate guitar solos. "Days!" weighs in a more uplifting vibe with an undeniable crossover attitude towards high octane IndieRock of a British heritage, "Don't Wanna Be" brings forth thundering drums and a greyscale, no future 80s attitude whilst "Sounds Of Laughter" fuses experimental Dub FX, a lo-fi, garage'esque production value and overall teenage anger in attitude and makes no fuzz about the bands clear gravitational arch towards and original roots in PunkRock. With tunes like "No Hope Just Survival" they even take a shot at more of a melodic SurfPunk vibe despite its heavy lyrics, "Decayed" causes full on oldskool havoc on the dancefloor and "Oi! Destroy!" sets both Indie as well as Punk venues on fire in less than a minutes time. A short but intense trip this album is and defo a recommended one to get you hyped immediately.

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