Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Sound Of The Mountain With Tetuzi Akiyama And Toshimaru Nakamura - Amplified Clarinet And Trumpet, Guitars, Nimb [Mystery & Wonder 008]

Put on the circuit via Mystery & Wonder on October 3rd, 2k19 is "Amplified Clarinet And Trumpet, Guitars, Nimb" - the new two track album joint venture effort created by the duo that is known as Sound Of The Mountain in conjunction with Tetuzi Akiyama and no-input mixing board specialist Toshimara Nakamura. Spread over a total of roughly 36 minutes we see the four artists provide two extended compositions which combine their individual strengths to create an experimental, slightly distorted take on what might be called off-kilter Post-PostRock intermingling with Electroacoustics of different intensity levels, partly accompanying the tender guitar play delivered in the first  part of the album, partly disturbing and disrupting the tunes flow to a great effect. Part two on the other hand starts out in a deeper, darker, more atmospheric ambience fashion somewhat reminiscent of Village Of Savoonga's legendary PostRock classic "Score" released on Hausmusik back in 1997 whilst weighing in a little more of a subdued FreeJazz attitude towards the last third of the compositions runtime which adds a dark, yet strangely dystopian liveliness and melancholia to the tunes attitude and makes it a clear favorite out of the two pieces featured on this longplayer.

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