Sunday, November 10, 2019

Bantou Mentale - Bantou Mentale [Glitterbeat Promo]

Put on the circuit on October 25th, 2k19 via the ever buzzing Glitterbeat imprint is Bantou Mentale's self-titled debut album, a thundering twelve track exploration and journey drawing influences from a musical realm located between Paris and Kinshasa and vice versa. Over the course of 58 minutes the quartet is fusing several African genres and influences with Psychedelia and heavy Rock riffing, elements of Dub, PostPunk and Indie, native chants and vocal techniques, vintage electronic bleeps, deep monster grooves like those to be found in songs like "Boko Haram" whilst "Papa Jo" crosses over into emotional, heartfelt AfroBlues / Afrobeat territories and "Suabala" is bringing on heavily distorted UltraFunk for those who know, with this tune even finding a possible audience with fans of early 90s Crossover / RapMetal for a reason. Further down the timeline songs like "Boloko" even bring forth a yearning, romantic and ballad'esque, Pop-leaning variation of Bantou Mentale's work with basslines clearly harking back to classic Dub and contemporary minimalist Dubstep, "Syria" employs more of a blurred out Psychedelic Rock meets Afrobeat strategy, "Magnifique Maestro" evokes memories of smoky, vintage Soul as well as HipHop sample wizzardry for a reason and "Bakoka" weighs in a fever'ish, mysterious and somewhat ritualistic spaced out ecstasy just to name a few. Check!


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