Friday, November 08, 2019

Simon Grab - Posthuman Species [-Ous Promo]

Released via the -Ous label on October 25th, 2k19 is Simon Grab's "Posthuman Species", his latest longplay work created solely on an extended no-input-mixing set up which, for this specific occasion, went way beyond the known no-input-mixer method in terms of employing more analogue devices in its technically closed circuit. The result is a body of work consisting of thirteen tracks, opening with the strident, cold and isolationist Electronica of "The New Kind", progressing into the Noize- and feedback driven downward spiral of "Apocalyptic Paranoia" whereas "Biomechanoids" are dancing to swampy, stripped down Minimal Techno, "Neurotransmitters" gravitate towards a highly abstract, experimental take on Broken Dub Techno and the "Transformation" provides more of a droning, sweeping variation of feedbacks mixed with echoes of Clicks'n'Cuts and sci-fi leaning intensity for those who know. Observing "New Horizons" sees Simon Grab exploring the realms of hard hitting Industrial Electronica / Rhythm Industrial on vantablack dancefloors, the "Observatory" is built in total isolation, receiving subaquatic transmissions resembling a version of how Drexciyans might perceive Minimal Techno whereas "Neurochemical Behaviour" is triggered by ever morphing bass heavy Ambient pulses in combination with fast paced percussive computational sounds and syncopated Electronica beats before the "Phase Of Multiplication" sets in, an agitated, hypnotizing state of sonic transmission which can be referred to as trance-inducing for advanced, Future Tribal-informed dancefloors. Entering an "Altered State" introduces another tribalistic, fever'ish and well hypnotic take on carefully sculpted Electronica with a kind of organic, exoplasmatic feel despite its occasional shrill sound eruptions, "Exposure" brings forth another electrical maelstrom for lovers of Drone and demanding Deep Listening Music whilst "Metanoia" takes us to the deepest, most lightless sub-surface voids for a bass-modulation driven lesson in DeathRave before the concluding cut "Posthuman Wonderland" reveals 15 minutes of spaced out, spatial Post Intelligent Techno transmitted back to earth from the brink of time. Get.


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