Monday, November 04, 2019

MME Duo - Awholerunboom [Makiphon 006]

Scheduled for release via the Makiphon label on November 22nd, 2k19 is "Awholerunboom", the latest album collaboration created by Patricia Koellges and Tamara Lorenz who've been ditching their former conjunctional nom de guerra Sculptress Of Sound to create under the new name of MME Duo. Employing a wide ranged instrumental approach based on small synths, loop machines, diy electroacoustic devices and more the pair offers a 2x12" vinyl album as final release, featuring a whole of 21 tracks total with each side dedicated to one of the years seasons and pressed as a limited edition of 300 copies only. Clearly inspired by Dada and sonic collage we see the MME Duo building their oftentimes abstract, multilayered compositions in not necessarily track and structure focused ways, an approach resulting in sometimes hypnotic, Electronica-resembling cuts like the "Sweet Cold Night" whereas tunes like the follow up "YouYou", based on borderline madness vocal repetitions, off kilter filter works and swampy electroacoustics present a more intense, retrofuturist sci-fi approach whilst "Dump" brings forth a Broken Blues element in conjunction with scraping Field Recordings, heaps of echo craze as well as a hefty take on abstract vocal- and non-vocalisms for the headstrong. Furthermore the 10+ minutes of "RZCK" amalgamate ritualistic percussions and highly abstract PostRock with distinct, feedback-driven guitars, "Isn't It Isn't" turns out to be a true underground Art School hit of sorts, "Sweet Cold Night 2" explores ultradark Dub territories and twisted nightmares whilst "Agent A" resembles highly experimental takes on the Ingenious Dilletantes movement, tunes like "Wave Drum" are summoning hollow earth demons with their ritualistic approach, tripping non-vocalisms and humming, klaxon'esque sounds sending signals back into ancient times and "Winter One" even harks back to the most melancholic PostPunk experiments ever. But these are only a few picks off of this highly diverse, widely varied conceptual album that lovers of leftfield experimental sounds, as well as quirky production music, defo should check out as a possible addition to their collection.


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