Friday, November 01, 2019

baze.djunkiii Charts 11/2019

01. Blotter Trax - Programmed Memories / Rhythm Device [Frustrated Funk 048]
The Frustrated Funk-label caters what might be their best and most distinct release ever with this clear vinyl two track 12" masterfully crafted by Blotter Trax. Sci-fi Electro as crisp as a cold winter night, timeless and stripped down to the absolute core with bleepy synth tones leading the way and additional, masterly cut and processed vocal samples providing an extra scientific thrill and Laboratory Funk-appproved sex drive. Get this.

02. Special Request - Special Request & Fwends [Houndstooth 119]
Special Request has two cuts from his massive "Vortex" album remixed by Sully and everyone's hype darling Mall Grab. Whilst Sully goes for a metallic PostRave meets (Dark)Jungle meets glitch-informed Drill'n'Bass approach on this pink, translucent 12" vinyl we see Mall Grab provide a massive Broken Techno meets Post UK Hardcore inferno causing serious damage on prepared and unprepared dancefloors.

03. Octave One - Locus Of Control Vol. 2 [430 West Records]
The Burden Brothers have been a staple in Detroit Techno for who knows how long exactly and they hardly ever fail me when they've got a new 12" release out these days. "Afrotech" is one of their typical, driving, yet slightly monotonously rolling tools with intricate melodic works and stripped down percussions whilst "Detune" on the flip side turns out to be a massive, straight stomping Techno banger sporting overwhelming bass rolls alongside a multilayered, complex metallic synth motif reminding everyone of how much of a futuristic space music Techno is and can be. An unquestioned winner, this second tune is.

04. Bluetrain - Babylon Paralysis [Future Primitive 005]
DubTechno perfection catered by Steve O'Sullivan a.k.a. Bluetrain a.k.a. The Wise Caucasian. Closer to the roots of Dub than to actual Techno these three tracks are as stripped down as it can ever get, floating in a timeless universe made out of pure rhythm, bass and loads of space in between. There's not one single element one could take away without totally disassembling or crippling any given tune on this 12" release and therefore this is a masterpiece in ultimate reduction and minimalism as well as a blueprint for highly advanced sound design and dancefloor functionalism.

05. Len Faki [LF RMX 017]
Len Faki is an edit master and with his re-edits of Illuminatae's "Tremora Del Terra" and Brotherhood Of Structure's "We Are Structure" he gave two of baze.djunkiii's favorite 90s rave anthems a special, and highly respectful, treatment. With both edits Len Faki is staying pretty close to the original tunes, adding a few little tweaks and effects here and there, updating them for contemporary club abuse and re-introducing the original pre-commercial rave vibe to a new audience for a reason. Plus: the also featured re-edit of Planet Love Ink's "Living In Pain" comes in as a nice uplifting AcidTrance addition as well.

06. Tribulation Dub [DREADZ 002 Whitelabel]
No information on this one and the "Tribulation Dub" title is taken from Discogs. But whoever crafted this must, most likely, have inhaled a good portion of what made early Dubstep so appealing a.k.a. sparse arrangements, a shitload of sinewave bass pressure and the obvious Dub / Reggae influences. Deep essential bass meditation. Period.

07. Headie One Feat. Dave - 18 Hunna *Four Tet Remix [Relentless Records / Sony Music]
So there's no such thing as modern Grime? This cut defo proved me wrong with its tender, yet still functional Grime meets Trap fusion and seductive, deep and slightly romantic melodies as well as great lyricism a.k.a. storytelling abilities showcased by Dave and Headie One alike. A perfect closing tune, this is.

08. Logic 1000 [Whitelabel]
Two tracks seemingly unofficially ripped and pressed to vinyl from DJ Logic 1000s latest digital outing - at least the apology engraved in the dead wax points in this direction. But no matter what the story behind this stamped whitelabel is, the two tracks featured on here are basically an essential fusion of classic SpeedGarage and early 90s ClubHouse infused by contemporary Future Garage vibes for eternal dancefloor abuse on the A-side whilst the B-side brings on stripped down, hypnotic, dark and repetetive Sublow / Dark Garage vibes for those who know. File under: soon to be sought after future classic.

09. Fabio Monesi - Strings Of Love E.P. [Craigie Knowes 018]
Fabio Monesi caters big time on the still mysterious imprint known and loved as Craigie Knowes. Catchy Breakbeats served in a House tempo range, garnished by seductive string works and raw, uplifting synth melodies, echoes of BigBeat and all other kinds of goodness, served in four tracks of which especially the A2 outing "Pancho Returns" is an especially lovely lo-fi banger whereas "Flanger City" on B1 brings on memories of what once known as TechnoJazz for a reason and "The Raw Theory" deals with stomping electroid House rhythms for peak time abuse. Recommended.

10. Basic Rhythm - 2 Da Core [Planet Mu 414]
Basic Rhythm presents a super complex, yet blurred out take on multi-layered bass-driven music, incorporates references of classic UK Hardcore in the EP's title whilst working on carving out a sub-sub-subgenre of its own right that is about to thrill lovers of Grime, PostRave and UK Hardcore alike before killing Juke / Footwork crowds with a hefty remix provided by noone less than RP Boo himself on the flip. Dang.  


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