Friday, November 29, 2019

Various Artists - Global Jackerz EP [Groundzero Teknocamp 003]

Coming in from the underground vaults of the Groundzero Teknocamp posse is their extremely limited six track compilation named "Global Jackerz EP" which is making the rounds on the underground circuit as an edition of 50 hand-cut vinyl copies on super thick yellow vinyl these days. Opening the A-side with "3 03 Minutes Of Bad Ass Acid" Citric Acid delivers accordingly on a fast paced level whilst his collaboration with American Acid legend Freddy Fresh dubbed "Schraubendreher" caters to the needs of DJ's preferring to play hypnotic, yet a little more stripped down Techno before P.T.B.S. & Sascha Müller's conjunctional effort "Ambivalent" brings forth a hefty take on Broken Techno / Phonk meets Bass Music for already heaving, highly advanced dancefloors and very low end focused P.A. systems. On the flipside we see Null Object's "Turn The Bones On" providing super dry, hounding Techno brutalism ready to heavily mess with every single one of your drugged out brain cells, Analog Species ode to "Die Box" explores raw, unprocessed underground Acid territories and the concluding cut "Techno" by Unko finally takes on hammering, loop-focused and surely psyched out highspeed Acid valid for absolute peak time abuse only, and therefore is our main favorite out of these six tracks for a reason. A true collectors item for all the real headz out there.


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