Monday, November 25, 2019

Creme De Hassan - Tricontinental Circus [Inversions Promo]

To be released via the Inversions-label on December 6th, 2k19 is "Tricontinental Circus", the new - and second - official album put together by the international duo that is Creme De Hassan. Consisting of the German-Palestinian Ghazi Barakat and American Paul LaBrecque the duo caters an eleven track tour de force through their sonic universe within 35 minutes of total playtime, mashing up experimental electronic rhythm signatures, a multiple of languages, influences of traditional Arab / Oriental music, Haitian bits and pieces, voodoo drumming and even echoes of Dub in a highly fascinating manner. Resulting in killer cuts like the opener "Haitian Head Charge", more Illbient-resembling cut up / collage tunes like "Voodootronix"  or the dry, abstract Electronica piece "Momo Von Bobo" Barakat and LaBrecque are creating a fascinating musical realm which also incorporates dreamy guitars mashed up with soft Ambient tones and Shoegaze Electronics in cuts like "Blaukraut Or No Kraut". Following up is "Coeur De Boeuf", more of a brooding, alarming atmospheric sci-fi cut from a cold, dystopian future whilst "WSB" deals with multilayered polyrhythms, twisted background voices and laid back, naturalistic vibes before the "Muezzin Death Dance" summons dark, ancient demons in a way somehow reminiscent of Ayshay's all-time classic "Warn-U" and therefore being our favorite piece on this album. With "3 Peals Of Laughter" the duo enters a realm of electrically buzzing madness, the "Song Of Dawn" gets deep into an experimental take on Desert Blues whilst the "Ululation Nation" dances to fever'ish tribalistic off rhythms and filtered, haunting,  reverberating synth spookiness before the concluding piece "Live At West Germany / Nietsche D'Arabie" brings forth a trance-inducing, spine-tingling feel of Creme De Hassan's live performances indeed. Highly recommended, this.


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